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At CMG we are proud to offer a wide range of services to ensure we can tailor our offering to the unique needs of your property.


Some people just clean. We care.


At CMG Property Services, we look after your property as if it was our own. We clean, we repair and we just get it done. Whether you are an Owners Corporation with common areas to care for, or a retirement village in need of a team that will love your property as if it was our own, CMG's caretaking services are for you. 

We pride our caretaking service on its all-round versatility. It is a combination of cleaning, maintenance and gardening services to offer your property a complete suite of services.

We take pride in ensuring our customers are kept in the loop on any developments on their property and ensuring that whenever an issue arises we offer some sort of resolution.

CMG will work to your schedule, performing a range of services to your property's required scope of works, be it cleaning, gardening, hard waste removal, facilitating move-ins or being on hand to arrange access for other contractors as required.

Fill out our enquiries form below to receive an obligation-free quote for caretaking at your property.

Services Include:

o    Cleaning
o    Maintenance
o    Gardening
o    Landscaping
o    Hard Waste Removal
o    Access
o    Move-in supervision & more!







From houses to apartments and all the spaces in between, CMG can keep your home looking good.

Whether you need a one-off clean or some regular assistance to keep on top of things around the house, CMG can tailor a residential cleaning package to suit your needs.

Fill out our enquires form to get your own quote!


Whatever sort of business you run, you and your employees should be able to work in a clean and hazard-free space.

At CMG, we offer commercial cleaning services for companies who look for cleaners to go the extra mile to ensure their work spaces are fresh and clean for all the people who occupy them. 

If your office or factory has any special requirements from a health and safety point of view, we can factor those into our work as well.




You've put all that work into your beautiful garden, but the hard part is keeping it at its luscious, greenest best.

That's where CMG comes in. We can help you keep your garden looking at its absolute best and take the stress out of maintaining your garden.

If you want to make a few changes, we can look after that too.

Owners Corporations

If you live in an apartment or other Owners Corporation type of set-up, then your building's garden sets the tone for you and your neighbors, visitors and even potential buyers.

In fact, a good garden can literally make a massive difference to your property's market value.

Sharing the load between all owners can be tricky, so don't leave anything to chance. Pick CMG to look after all your common garden areas and we'll make sure your building gives the first impression it should.


Even the best outdoor areas can do with a little change every now and then.

CMG can offer you a great range of landscaping services to keep your outdoor areas up with the latest trends. This can be a stand-alone service or incorporated into our gardening services.



Every property needs a bit of work every now and then.


Whether yours needs regular maintenance or you have a one-off list of odd-jobs, CMG can get your place up to scratch.

CMG can replace those hard-to-reach lightbulbs, give the wall a much-needed coat of paint, fix a blockage, re-patch some plastering and much more.

Services include:

  • Repairs

  • Plastering

  • Painting and more


Whether you need a light bulb changed or a complete audit of your property's electrical work, CMG Property Services can help.

Our electrical services cover a wide range of needs as a stand-alone service or an add-on to our Caretaking and Maintenance services.

CMG works with qualified and reliable electricians to ensure all your needs are met.

Services include:

  • Replace light bulbs 

  • Fix and add switches 

  • Replace light fittings 

  • Repair or add new wiring 

  • Service and inspect of all electrical components



If you need help with plumbing and no time to waste, give CMG Property Services a call today.

Our plumbing services cater for all your needs and ensure we have a solution for all your needs.

CMG Property Services works with qualified plumbers to cover a wide range of jobs, from blockages to leaks.

Get in touch with us today to learn more.

Services include:

  • Fix blockages 

  • Fix drains and sinks 

  • Clean gutters 

  • Fix toilet and bathroom problems 

  • Repair leaks 

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