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Some people just clean. We care.

At CMG Property Services, we're proud to offer a complete suite of services to your property to ensure it gets all the love and attention it needs to be at its best.


You complete suite of property care services, in one simple package.

If your property needs regular visits and a wide range of care, you need to talk to us about our caretaking packages.


Some people just clean. We care. At CMG Property Services, we look after your property as if it was our own. We clean, we repair and we just get it done. Whether you are an Owners Corporation with common areas to care for, or a retirement village in need of a team that will love your property as you do, CMG's caretaking services are for you. 


Sometimes your property just needs a little touch-up. Maybe you need a more regular cleaning service. If you are after someone who can just get in, get the job done and leave you delighted with the results, then you need to make an enquiry today and find out how CMG Property Services can leave your home, office or other commercial property in mint condition.


Every property needs a bit of work every now and then. Whether yours needs regular maintenance or you have a one-off list of odd-jobs, CMG can get your place up to scratch.


A nice garden can add value to your property, but a nice garden isn't worth much if it's left to deteriorate into an eyesore. CMG's gardening services will ensure your property is lush and green all year round.

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